The Repair3D Partners NTUA and RTI Jules, will represent the project at the Final conference of the SmartFan Project (SICS 2021) “Smart and intelligent composite structures for innovative industrial applications“, held on the 8-9 December 2021 at Lavrion Technological Cultural Park, Attica (Greece). The SICS 2021 Conference will be a hybrid event

Jules’ presentation is titled: Ready-to-use recycled carbon fibers decorated with magnetic nanoparticles: combination between recycling and functionalization using supercritical fluid chemistry

While NTUA’s presentation and poster are titled:

  • Reclamation of continuous carbon-fibre from thermoplastic composites by local induction heating
  • Inductive thermal effect on thermoplastic nanocomposites with magnetic nanoparticles for self-healing, bonding and debonding on demand applications

The project partner IRT JULES will be representing the Repair3D project at ECCM20 “Composite meet sustainability”. Dr Sandy Moisan will give an oral presentation: Novel method for unpolymerized prepreg recycling using supercritical CO2 extraction

The 20th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM20) will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland between June 26-30, 2022.

Repair3D partner Eurecat, will represent the project at the JEC Korea taking place on the 4th November 2021. They will present their CFIP technology which will include a sky boot demo.

Dr Sofie Huysman from CENTEXBEL represented the REPAIR3D project at the International Conference on Composites – Challenges and Advances of Composite Structures and Materials conference in Liège on 19 October 2021. The presentation included results related to their testing of ID5 demonstrator. The fifth demonstrator is a smart textile application. Its electronic part consists of a temperature sensor, a processor and a buzzer.



REPAIR3D was represented at the Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT 2021) by NTUA, who presented a poster.

The title of the poster was: Thermoplastic nanocomposites with magnetic nanoparticles for bonding and debonding on demand applications by local induction heating. Authors: M. Kanidi, T. Kosanovic, A.F. Trompeta, C.A. Charitidis.

The 21st edition of Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT2021) took place in Tirana (Albania). This was a high-level scientific meeting with a broad range of current research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology as well as related policies (European Commission, etc.) or other kind of initiatives (iNANO, nanoGUNE, MANA, GDR-I, etc.). Transmitting information and establishing contacts among workers in this field.




NTUA, Technical Coordinator of REPAIR3D, represented the project at the EUROPEAN CONGRESS AND EXHIBITION ON ADVANCED MATERIALS AND PROCESSES – EUROMAT 2021.  Their presentations were given on the 14 September 2021 on “Development of multifunctional graphene and carbon nanotube reinforced composites; utilization of advanced thermal properties” (G. Konstantopoulos, P. Maroulas, S. Termine, D. Semitekolos, T. Kosanovic, C. Charitidis) and “Hybrid CNTs nanostructures for smart applications” (A.F. Trompeta, S. Termine, A. Ntziouni, C.A. Charitidis).

This virtual congress had the participation of 1500 experts of the international materials society, from 46 countries.